Top 10 Free Game Downloads For Smartphones

Smartphones have transcended the basic phone category by offering advanced computing and connectivity. The sales figures for smartphones have gone through the roof making it a lucrative platform for software professionals to develop games and applications for. There are countless free for download games now available for these platforms which are highly popular!

Lets countdown top free game downloads for smartphones:

1. Angry Birds

It’s a bunch of Angry Birds out for revenge against pigs who stole their eggs! Your mission would be to help the angry birds knock out the villainous pigs hiding behind obstacles. The game utilizes projectile trajectory and motion mechanics to map the course of the angry birds hurled at the pigs by the player using a slingshot. According to statistics, angry birds download figure has exceeded 14 million on all supported platforms including the smartphones, making it the most successful gaming franchise.

2. Doodle Jump

What could be more fun than controlling a crudely drawn doodle and tilting your smartphone to control its movement? This game laid the foundation for mobile gaming on iPhone platform and still continues to be one of the most downloaded apps in the history of Apple’s App Store. The basic controls are simple and motion based, making the game highly addictive.

3. Guns

For aficionados of firearms, this app is a must have. Various hand guns and assault rifles with their real world mechanisms are put at the disposal of the player. Fire away at your heart’s content, experience real sound and synchronized vibrations make you feel like firing the real thing!

4. Ant smasher

Smash the ants before they reach the food! In this highly immersive game, player squishes ants that are trying to get away with food. Be careful to smash the ants only and not the accompanying bees and other harmless insect friends! Statistics wise, Ant smasher is amongst the top downloaded games for smartphones.

5. Tank Hero

The battle is on! This game puts you in charge of your own tank on a crisp 3D battleground with an arsenal of heat seeking missiles and howitzers at your disposal. Use the battle field terrain to your advantage and decimate the opposition. Tank Hero is a highly addictive game involving strategy and quick reflexes. It is a must-have for people who enjoy war games.

6. Mole in the hole

It is an electronic variant of the ever loved arcade game “whack the mole”. Use your finger as a hammer and whack the moles on the head as they peep out of the holes. Earn distinction and ranks by smacking the most moles in a limited time frame.

7. Drag Racing

It is the most successful and addictive game of its genre, available for smartphones today. The game literally puts the player in the driver’s seat of a sports vehicle with realistic controls and 50+ real world vehicles to choose from. The game has an estimated 40 million players and is updated on regular basis with new features keeping the players hooked.

8. Paper Toss

The premise of Paper Toss is very simplistic yet it’s highly addictive. Your objective is to toss a balled up piece of paper into the waste paper basket in the far corner of the room using the fan generated wind currents to determine your toss direction!

9. Unblock Me

The first puzzle based game in this countdown Unblock Me is the game that would keep you glued to your smartphone screen for hours and hours. The object of the game is to get the red shaded block out of the puzzle by moving all other puzzle pieces. You are given limited wiggle room to move the puzzle pieces and if you want to make the game more challenging specify a time limit for yourself!

10. Move the Box

The name of the developers of this game is as fun as the game itself. Produced by Bitchin Games, the game draws inspiration from bejeweled which was the first game to incorporate puzzle solving by moving key boxes concept. Comprised of 168 levels, this game is a real brain teaser.

This is an exhaustive list of top free game downloads for smartphones. If you haven’t tried them, don’t waste anymore time!

I am an avid gamer who spends major chunk of his time nose deep in video games. Leaving 8 hours for work and a precious few hours for sleeping and other mundane tasks, the rest is dedicated to glorious gaming world!

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